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Programs : Program Cost

The following listing represents the Winter Break Program Cost for Virtual Costa Rica.

Winter Break Program Cost for Virtual Costa Rica
Winter Break Program Cost for Virtual Costa Rica
Program Cost Item KU Student
KU Tuition *   $1,018.00
KU Required Fee *   $250.00
KU Program Fee *   $320.00
Billable through KU Enroll & Pay subtotal:  $1,588.00
Lodging/Meals   $1,060.00
Books and Supplies   $40.00
Personal Expenses   $371.00
Estimated Additional Student Expenses subtotal:  $1,471.00
Total: $3,059.00
These fees are the estimated costs for Winter Break 2021.
KU Tuition includes tuition for 3 credits. Tuition cost is based on resident Tuition at the Standard Tuition rate. Students on Tuition Compact will pay the rate based on their tuition compact.
KU Required Fee includes administrative fees.
KU Program fees include all pre-recorded and live lectures and cultural activities.

* KU Tuition, KU Required Fees, and KU Program Fees will be billed and payable online through student KU Enroll & Pay accounts.
All other fees listed are estimated additional expenses for taking class remotely. Please note that these figures are used to compute financial aid. Students not using financial aid can disregard these amounts.

* Billable item through KU Enroll & Pay