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Programs : Program Cost

The following listing represents the Summer Program Cost for CIEE Summer Global Internships.

Summer Program Cost for CIEE Summer Global Internships
Summer Program Cost for CIEE Summer Global Internships
Program Cost Item KU Student
KU Tuition *   $40.00
KU Required Fee *   $585.00
KU Program Fee *   $6,750.00
Travel Insurance *   $282.00
Billable through KU Enroll & Pay subtotal:  $7,657.00
Total: $7,657.00
These fees are the estimated costs for Summer 2022.
  • KU Tuition includes one semester of $40 placeholder enrollment fee (FRSP enrollment).
  • KU Required fee includes administrative fees, emergency medical evacuation and repatriation services, and KU orientation.
  • KU Program fee includes placement and support services, orientation, housing, on-site program management and emergency support, cultural activities, arrival airport transfer, health insurance and school record transcript. 
  • Travel Insurance includes Group Travel Protection Plan coverage provided during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
  • PLEASE NOTE: In addition to the required fees listed above, students should plan for additional expenses that they will cover directly, which vary by location. See CIEE Global Internship Additional Expenses to view breakdown by city.  The actual total cost will vary for each participant depending on spending habits and travel plans.

Funding your Study Abroad Program  
* Billable item through KU Enroll & Pay