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The following listing represents the Spring Program Cost for Universidad de Salamanca, Salamanca, Spain.

Spring Program Cost for Universidad de Salamanca, Salamanca, Spain
Spring Program Cost for Universidad de Salamanca, Salamanca, Spain
Program Cost Item KU Student
KU Tuition *   $40.00
On-Site Tuition and Fees *   $7,145.00
KU Program Fee *   $4,190.00
Billable through KU Enroll & Pay subtotal:  $11,375.00
Airfare   $1,200.00
Passport   $145.00
Passport Photos   $15.00
Visa   $160.00
Books and Supplies   $150.00
Onsite Transportation   $200.00
Basic mobile phone   $300.00
Personal Expenses   $1,700.00
Estimated Additional Student Expenses subtotal:  $3,870.00
Total: $15,245.00

These fees are the estimated costs for Spring 2020.

KU Tuition includes one semester of $40 placeholder enrollment fee (FRSP enrollment).
On-Site Tuition and Fees includes 12 credit hours of instruction in Salamanca through IES Abroad, program administrative fees, emergency medical evac/repat services, and orientation. 
KU Program Fee includes lodging and meals in homestays, excursions and cultural activities coordinated through IES Abroad; 

* KU Tuition, On-Site Tuition and Fees and KU Program Fees will be billed and payable online through student KU Enroll & Pay accounts.
All other fees listed are estimated additional expenses. The actual total cost will vary for each participant depending on spending habits and travel plans.

Funding your Study Abroad Program
KU Study Abroad can do personalized financial aid and scholarship advising for students.  Please visit 108 Lippincott Hall or call 785-864-3742 to set up an appointment.  KU students who qualify for financial aid in the form of Federal and/or other loans, Federal Grants, and KU or outside scholarships may apply the aid to the cost of a study abroad program.  
KU Study Abroad supplemental scholarships are available to KU degree seeking students. Applications are available online. The scholarship application deadline is March 1 for Summer, March 15 for Fall and Academic Year programs, and October 1 for Spring, Winter Break and Spring Break programs.
For additional scholarship opportunities visit:

* Billable item through KU Enroll & Pay