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Spain : Reviews (Madrid)

The following program review responses have been selected for publication by Study Abroad & Global Engagement
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Drake Hamilton, Fall 2015 Participant
The city of Madrid and being in Spain was my favorite part. Spain has so much to offer and every town is unique in it's own way and has so much life and energy. Madrid is a great place to study abroad as it is cheaper compared to most large cities but has everything a large city can offer. The people in Madrid and in Spain are very friendly and always seemed willing to help and be patient with my broken Spanish.


Roon C Johnson, Fall 2016 Participant
My favorite aspect of studying abroad was getting to live and socialize with people from all around the world. I was so happy to have gone to Madrid, It is such a vast and passionate city. Spain also has the best soccer to watch in the world. I was so happy to watch my favorite team, Real Madrid, play on a regular basis. I went to several matches and it was amazing. Hala Madrid!


Patrick Joseph Shreve, Spring 2018 Participant
My favorite part of this program was the way in which Comillas connected all of the study abroad students. From the first orientation and throughout the year, they offered opportunities for foreign students to get to know the city, take trips together, and go to language exchanges in which students from around the city gather and learn languages from eachother in local bars.


Jack Andrew Westbrook, Spring 2019 Participant
The experience. Having been to Spain before, it was fantastic to emerge myself in the culture for such an extended period of time. Getting to know and live with people from so any different countries and backgrounds was eye opening and made me want to stay for as long as I could.


Drake Hamilton, Fall 2015 Participant
Being able to live in Madrid, practice my Spanish and experience the culture was the most rewarding experience for me. Also being able to travel and meet so many new people was incredible.


Roon C Johnson, Fall 2016 Participant
Traveling. I was so empowered by my ability to navigate large European cities with no troubles. I feel as though my traveling helped me grow immensely as a person.


Fall 2018 Participant
I found connecting with students from Germany, The Netherlands, The U.K., Turkey, France, Australia and of course Spain really rewarding and comforting knowing we're all students with similar interests and goals as well as struggles.


Drake Hamilton, Fall 2015 Participant
It seems like a lot of people encourage home stays which is great but in my opinion if I had to do it over again I would not do one. It's not that I didn't like it it is more than I would have liked to live in an apartment/flat with other roommates and not have to live by someone else's schedule and rules. Also, I couldn't pick my location or family, so it can be hit or miss. My family was excellent but the location could've been better. That could be an advantage of choosing your own flat, you may land a better location closer to the school, downtown, etc.


Roon C Johnson, Fall 2016 Participant
I learned that this is an experience you can't quite some up to someone that asks, "how was you study abroad?" It was an experience that was so unique to me and the people I shared it with. I also learned to be flexible and open. I originally had an apartment and it was terrible. I was about to suck it up and just get through it, but then I met these Portuguese guys that showed us where they lived. They had an open flat below them and the next day my roommate from KU and I moved across Madrid. It was the best decision I made because we met our group of friends through this move. Being flexible and able to make decisions on the fly helped me more than I can convey.


Summer - One Month 2017 Participant
Take the initiative to take what you learn in each class and apply it to what suits you. Abroad you have many opportunities to learn about culture, history, and language. Take those chances to take what you learn in the classroom and apply it in real life. Whether that be traveling to a city your teacher recommended, practicing your foreign language skills in day to day life, or diving into the culture and history of your host country; take the opportunity before you are abroad and during your time abroad to think about what you hope to get out of this experience, and how you hope to live that experience out.