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Early Childhood Unified in Costa Rica : Reviews (La Fortuna)

The following program review responses have been selected for publication by Study Abroad & Global Engagement
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Summer 2015 Participant
Visiting the Quaker community was amazing! Learning about their values on how to interact with one another was different from what you see in everyday culture. Their values are embedded in everything they do. The school has formed a warm and welcoming community were everyone has a role and responsibility.


Summer 2015 Participant
My favorite part of this program was getting to interact with the local children in the schools. Even though we had a language barrier, it did not stop us from playing together.


Jaylyn Dana Jenks, Summer 2016 Participant
My favorite part was getting to go abroad with a group of people I didn't know and have new experiences with them. It was awesome learning about an education in another country. It was amazing to go to different schools and meet students from Costa Rica.


Carmen Isabelle Sears, Summer 2018 Participant
My favorite part of the program was interacting with the children in the elementary schools and learning about the educational systems in Costa Rica.


Clare Kelly Virnoche, Summer 2018 Participant
The views were incredible, the food was amazing, but the friendships I made and the knowledge I now have of a different education system are priceless. I would recommend this trip to anyone who can't be gone a full semester or summer. The timing was perfect and while I learned so much, it never felt like work.


Summer 2015 Participant
Elements of the program that I found most rewarding were the first-hand interactions and exposure to life in Costa Rica. Touring schools and talking to staff members was an amazing opportunity to see what the school systems are like in Costa Rica.


Kyra Lynn Martiny, Summer 2015 Participant
We went out into schools in Costa Rica, public and private, to learn about, compare and contrast the way they educate their children, and provide services for children with exceptionalities. It was amazing to see how much was similar, and to embrace how much was different about Costa Rican protocol from that which we see in the United States. We met some amazing teachers, interacted with some wonderful children, and saw so many beautiful schools. Even though I myself am not going into early childhood education, I still learned countless things that will absolutely be valuable to me as I begin my professional endeavors later in life.


Jaylyn Dana Jenks, Summer 2016 Participant
Meeting the students and teachers were the most rewarding parts of the program. If I were to ever visit another country on my own, I know that I would never get an experience like that. It was so valuable learning from other students.


Mekenzi N Ford, Summer 2018 Participant
I found working within schools the most rewarding. I enjoyed getting to work with pre-k all the way through high school students and see how the education system changes over time.


Clare Kelly Virnoche, Summer 2018 Participant
Getting to interact with children in a variety of different settings was incredibly rewarding. It was fascinating to see the difference between public, private, bilingual, urban, and rural schools.


Belicia Mariann Wilcoxen, Summer 2019 Participant
Some elements I found most rewarding are one, getting to know students. In each school that we went to we got to engage with students in some way, playing soccer, reading, playing or talking with them. Building that bond between the students and I was unbelievable. The questions they asked us were so meaningful. Another element I found rewarding was being apart of something bigger. I enjoyed how I was able to make a tiny difference in those childs lives by just being there and talking with them.


Jaylyn Dana Jenks, Summer 2016 Participant
I learned that going with the flow is the best way to approach another country, as well as, trying everything! Ask a million questions, practice your Spanish before you go and drink lots of water.