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Australia : Reviews (Sydney)

The following program review responses have been selected for publication by Study Abroad & Global Engagement
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Teresa Hoa Dinh, Summer 2012 Participant
Living in a great city like Sydney where I experienced the culture on a daily basis. I really like being able to eat lunch with the Opera House in the background, making use of the public transportation, and living with great people who helped me enjoy my experience to the fullest.


Jordan Marie Klein, Summer 2012 Participant
I enjoyed the fact that by doing an internship in another country I was able to get experience in my future field and also got to know many of the local people of Australia. I felt that I gained a better appreciation for the culture and people of Australia by working and alongside them.


Kelsey Nelson, Summer 2012 Participant
My internship was my favorite part of my program. I received more hands on experiences abroad than ever before. I had a fantastic site supervisor that made for a very beneficial 2 months.


Jillian Ann Sullivan, Summer 2012 Participant
The "real world" work experience I gained while submerged into another culture was the best part of the program.


Summer 2013 Participant
The city of Sydney in general is an amazing place. The people are very friendly and the city is filled with an unbelievable amount of cultural diversity.


Lauren Abigail Wolfe, Summer 2017 Participant
My favorite part of my internship abroad in Sydney was getting to experience a new culture while also working in an industry that I can see myself in in the future. I loved traveling around the country and meeting new people every day, as well as getting to try new foods and activities.


Summer 2018 Participant
My favorite part of this program was getting to meet so new many new people and making friends, as well as the ability to immerse myself in the Australian culture.


Jordan Marie Klein, Summer 2012 Participant
Traveling around the country was extremely cool. I really like that our program was built to give us a three day weekend. It felt like the perfect combination of work and fun. I felt that I was given enough time working to gain a meaningful experience but I also enjoyed having enough time of to explore Sydney and Australia.


Kelsey Nelson, Summer 2012 Participant
I found getting to work with the children to be the most rewarding part of my program. I was not only able to observe how classes were taught, but was allowed to teach them myself.


Summer 2013 Participant
The most rewarding part of the program was interning at Sydney ENT and Facial Day Surgical Centre. Each of the employees taught me something different. The knowledge I gained from Sydney ENT was priceless. Working with each patient was an amazing experience.


Stephanie Marie Glassberg, Summer 2013 Participant
The most rewarding part of my experience was planning and running an event for my organization all on my own. My internship coordinator gave me the freedom to do work on my own as if I had a real job at her company. I learned had more valuable experiences at this internship then I have had at any other internship so far in my career.


Ashleigh Rose Lee, Summer 2013 Participant
The elements that were most rewarding were being able to apply what I have learned in my classes into real world situations. It was a great feeling knowing that I could do things on my own while outside the classroom. I also learned that there is another side to photography-the business side. It was helpful because I got to experience both creative and management work which reassured me that I want to do this as my career.


Daniel Christopher Woodward, Summer 2013 Participant
The most rewarding part of the experience was feeling a part of my company. The organization that I worked for made me feel like I was an employee and treated me very kindly. I had an amazing time at my internship. I really felt as if I was making a difference in Australia working for the Mental Health Association of NSW. I learned so much about mental health in Australia and in general. Every day was a learning experience at my internship and we took every opportunity there was to learn more. We attended many events that helped me learn new topics. They were able to teach me everything that I needed to do and eventually I was able to do things on my own. It felt so rewarding getting work done and accomplishing so much in what seemed like such a short time. It went by so quickly, but as i look back, I can appreciate all of the work that I accomplished.


Cameron Sawyer Case, Summer 2015 Participant
Having an internship was the element of the program that I found the most rewarding, especially working for a non-profit organization on top of that. I was able to put my skills, knowledge and work into a position while still enjoying my time in another country. I liked having an internship over taking classes abroad because it really forces you to have cultural experiences in the office and you learn so much more about the country you are visiting instead of taking a course. You don't get just textbook answers from your co-workers and they can even tell you great places to travel, places to eat and more (you can't learn that by taking a class!)


Summer 2017 Participant
The most rewarding part was being able to make global connections.


Lauren Abigail Wolfe, Summer 2017 Participant
The most rewarding parts of my program was when I got to come back and tell all of my friends about daily life in Sydney and getting to see their reactions on how beautiful Australia really is.


Summer 2018 Participant
I found that the class offered through CAPA served to be very beneficial in helping reflect on all of our learning experiences abroad.


Teresa Hoa Dinh, Summer 2012 Participant
Sydney is very expensive. The estimate that is given is an ESTIMATE. If you are going through CAPA and KU study abroad, you will be offered services to travel to Cairns, Port Stephens, and other great traveling places; however, those expenses for those excursions are not included in the estimate. You will want to go on those trips... I promise.


Kelsey Nelson, Summer 2012 Participant
I learned so many things during my internship abroad. Everything from different career tips to things about myself. This program was more than just an internship, but an opportunity to challenge myself and see just what I was capable of.


Caitlin Richelle Scheckel, Summer 2013 Participant
I learned about how to really improve upon my skills for the professional world in addition in how to communicate, build, and maintain relationships with those that come from various backgrounds. Good communication is key in any workplace and gaining experience in being able to have good lines of communication between fellow workers and even building those strong relationships between organizations can be used in any future workplace.


Summer 2015 Participant
I learned that there's no sense in being afraid of failing or being too afraid to try something. Every experience is a learning experience, success or failure.