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Turkey : Reviews (Istanbul)

The following program review responses have been selected for publication by Study Abroad & Global Engagement
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Summer 2013 Participant
The professors were fantastic. They didn't overload us with material during our time, but included enough academic material and experiences so we weren't just paying for an expensive sightseeing tour.


Jason A Vigil, Summer 2014 Participant
It is way too hard to pinpoint a favorite part of the program; everything was so incredible! This was a great chance to get to know a couple of my professors from KU in a completely unique environment, meet other excellent professors, interact with other students that were in my program or other programs, and broaden my world views. The place itself (Istanbul) was beautiful and I cannot wait to go back! When people think of Turkey, vacation generally does not come to mind, but Istanbul's culture, people, and landscape is one of a kind!


Christina M Rodriguez-Padilla, Summer 2015 Participant
I loved being so far out of my element; learning how to get around Ortakoy, learning Turkish and getting used to a new culture in a short amount of time. I think this study abroad program offers students a unique opportunity to get a one on one learning experience from your professors, including the dean of the law school! We had the opportunity to learn Turkish criminal law from one of the authors of the Turkish criminal code (Professor Yenisey) .


Jessica L Hartman, Summer 2012 Participant
At the end of the trip, I returned to a restaurant I had visited on the first day of the program. The waiter remembered me and complimented my Turkish and told me I no longer needed the English version of the menu.


Summer 2012 Participant
The opportunity to meet Dean Mazza in a non academic environment was well as getting to take a class from him, getting to take a class on Criminal Procedure from Professor Yenisey, going Ephesus and the House of the Virgin Mary on the excursion. I fell in love with Istanbul!


Jason A Vigil, Summer 2014 Participant
I found my interactions with the professors was the most rewarding. During the normal school semesters in the U.S., I never really reached out and got to know my professors. This trip encouraged me to get to know and interact with them on a daily basis. Coming back for this fall semester, I am excited to see them again and tell them about the rest of my summer.


Yalda Brooke Mirabi, Summer 2012 Participant
Go into this program with tolerance and an open-mind.


Summer 2012 Participant
Everything in Turkey is CHEAP! I budgeted to spend at least $1000 more. Istanbul is VERY modern and like any other big city.


Jason A Vigil, Summer 2014 Participant
When going to law school, the majority of students focus on only U.S. courts and pay no mind to foreign or international courts. This experience broadened my world view and made me realize that the U.S. system is only one out of many and there are courts on a global scale. It is very humbling to find out we are but one piece in a massive picture!