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Marine Biology in Bonaire : Reviews (Kralendijk)

The following program review responses have been selected for publication by Study Abroad & Global Engagement
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Kylee Kristine Emert, Winter Break 2015 Participant
My favorite part of the program was the amazing marine life. On one dive in particular I swam too close to an octopus and it squirted its ink at me! It was so cool to see marine animals function in their natural habitat.


Shandra Mae Lynne Kobler, Winter Break 2019 Participant
My favorite part about this trip was how hands on and engaging it was. We learned about types of fish and reefs in lecture, then got to go out and explored them for ourselves everyday.


Winter Break 2019 Participant
My favorite part of this program was that we were able to scuba every day, multiple times a day. I felt like I really got the most out of the program because of that.


Winter Break 2022 Participant
My favorite part of the program was how comfortable I felt as a diver at the end of the week. I was getting closer to the reefs and able to identify more organisms.


Winter Break 2015 Participant
Having successfully completed the Fall lecture course that coincided with this Winter Break study abroad trip, the most rewarding aspect of the trip was to dive 60 feet down into the ocean and see first-hand what we could only imagine in lecture.


Winter Break 2022 Participant
It was rewarding to see my growth in identifying species underwater. I came in with very little knowledge about marine life and by the end of it, I could identify over 30 species of fish and other organisms.


Winter Break 2019 Participant
I learned that it is so inportant to study all aspects of wildlife to have a better understanding of the world. I had never explored our oceans previous to this trip, and now I know the importance of giving attention to all aspects of life.


Winter Break 2022 Participant
Live in the moment during this trip! It's super unique and something many people don't get to experience. Take advantage of learning to identify the marine life underwater; it's something invaluable that you can use for the rest of your life!