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Germany : Reviews (Regensburg)

The following program review responses have been selected for publication by Study Abroad & Global Engagement
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Academic Year 2018 Participant
My favorite part of my study abroad program was the city I was in, Regensburg and the University, both always had festivals or events for students, so it felt like there was always something new to do. The International Office was amazing and both they and the International Student Network held coffee hours and day trips, there were also separate coffee hours to learn other languages I felt that it was a great city to really be immersed in Bavarian culture, but also multi-culturalism.


Zachary Vincent McCarter, Spring 2014 Participant
I felt as though learning about Europe and all the different cultures bundled around each other was highly rewarding.


Academic Year 2018 Participant
I liked that international students weren't isolated from German students, or limited to certain classes, there was a real effort to integrate students and I felt like the classes I took were always filled with either German students or other international students, so I was constantly meeting people from different backgrounds and cultures, this was probably the most rewarding part for me personally. I also found it rewarding living in the city, rather than the suburbs, people were always willing to converse in German and by the end of my program most of my conversations in a day were in German, even ones with friends. It was really rewarding to notice my own confidence in speaking grow and to be able to converse much more easily than when I first arrived.


Jamie LeeAnn Eschrich, Spring 2014 Participant
Don't be scared to leave everything you know behind because eventually you'll find a second home and won't want to leave. Enjoy every minute of your experience and always give each day 100% of your time and effort.