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Morocco : Reviews (Ifrane)

The following program review responses have been selected for publication by Study Abroad & Global Engagement
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Summer 2012 Participant
My favorite part of the study abroad program in Morocco was to see first hand how extensive the diglossia situation is in the Arab world.


Nicholas Andrew Castans, Summer 2013 Participant
My favorite part of this program was getting to learn a new language and culture during the weekdays, and then practicing the language and planting ourselves into the culture during the weekends as we explored new cities.


Summer 2013 Participant
Taking the class in Contemporary Issues in North Africa allowed me the opportunity to experience things that I would never have known about just traveling on my own during the weekends.


Summer 2015 Participant
During the 8 week program we had the opportunity to travel every weekend, either through trips planned by the program or with friends on trips we planned ourselves. I loved every city we went to and was able to see the diverse range of scenery Morocco has to offer.


Rebekah R Burgweger, Summer 2016 Participant
Every weekend I would go on a trip to a different city. I visited Chefchaouen, Rabat, Marrakech, the Sahara, and many more cities. While some trips were planned by the program, others trips were planned by the students. By far my favorite trip was when I visited Essouira and I walked in the very spot that Emilia Clark had walked on Game of Thrones. Not only did I see the location of the famous "dracarys" Game of Thrones scene, but I also galloped with a horse on the beach and I rode a 4-wheeler on the beach. Furthermore, I was finally getting comfortable using my language skills.


Jenna Maria Christian D'Ottavio Swanson, Summer 2017 Participant
My favorite part of the program was honestly my class. My teachers, my classmates, the information I obtained. All of it. This program is incredible. I learned so much!


Summer 2012 Participant
Since you are learning two related languages at once in this program, the most rewarding element of the program is two part; the time spent in the classroom where you use Modern Standard Arabic and the time you spend with Moroccans where you use Darija (Moroccan Arabic).


Summer 2013 Participant
As a new student in Arabic, simply being able to use what we were learning in class immediately in the dining hall or in town was very rewarding.


David Musser, Summer 2013 Participant
Completing two months of a summer intensive language program was rewarding enough. Also, on this trip a few friends and myself hiked the tallest peak in North Africa in a day. That was also very rewarding.


Nicholas Charles McMonigle, Summer 2014 Participant
I think the academic experience was by far the most rewarding part of the program. The instruction at Al Akhawayn University is incredible; the teachers deserve more credit. I learned an immense amount of Arabic through the program.


Summer 2015 Participant
The relationships and interactions with all of the different people was the most rewarding aspect of this program.


Summer 2016 Participant
I found the people and experiences I met to be the most rewarding part.


Summer 2017 Participant
The most rewarding part was being able to use the Arabic I learned in class to talk to people I met outside of AUI.


Summer 2012 Participant
Do not be afraid to leave your comfort zone. Meet as many people as possible and learn as much as you can about their lives.


Summer 2013 Participant
Do your homework right after class and don't be afraid to ask for help. Make sure you go out and see the country too!


Nora Schultz, Summer 2014 Participant
The Arabic teachers were very helpful and always there for you.


Jenna Maria Christian D'Ottavio Swanson, Summer 2017 Participant
Bring toilet paper everywhere and study every day!