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Ireland : Reviews (Cork)

The following program review responses have been selected for publication by Study Abroad & Global Engagement
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Micah Katheryn Melia, Early Start Fall 2013 Participant
The Early Start Archaeology Program was by far the most unique part of my experience at UCC. I used this class to fulfill the archaeology course requirement of my Anthropology. This was an exceptional way to experience archaeology. The program took place over 4 weeks before the start of fall term. In addition to class meetings we took 4 field trips around Ireland. In each of these trips, we visited sites we discussed in class. Some of the places included Galway and the Aran Islands, Dublin and Meath, as well as many towns around the County of Cork. We saw old monastic sites, ringforts (a settlement type that was common in Ireland historically), and Megalithic tombs, and abandoned castles. I know I would never have seen most of the places we visited without this course. It was an incredible introduction to Ireland and Irish history.


Emily Margaret Colebank, Early Start Fall 2014 Participant
My favorite part of studying abroad in Cork was my Early Start in Irish Musics class and my Irish Step Dancing class. I took both of them on a complete whim and am so glad that I got to learn these aspects of the Irish culture. Music and dance are both widely associated with Irish identity and every time I went to these two classes I had a smile on my face!


Lindsey Ann VanLooy, Early Start Fall 2014 Participant
I loved being able to travel all around Ireland. The people are so friendly and welcoming.
I really liked how flexible it was to take courses at UCC. The advisors in the International Office were very helpful, and went out of there way to make sure the modules would be a good fit for what you were looking for, your current academic level, and your major/career goals.


Katherine Anne Hybl, Spring 2015 Participant
I got to see a lot more of Ireland than I ever would have considered seeing, which led to a lot of great experiences and discoveries.


Fall 2016 Participant
I enjoyed that UCC had many athletics groups and clubs to join. It was a great way to meet people and stay busy since classes don't take up that much time.


Jorden Nicole Matney-McCorkle, Spring 2016 Participant
As a person who has been involved with music, politics, and communication studies at KU, my program provided a wide range of classes that catered to all of my interests. I really enjoyed my Global Politics class as well as my Modern Music in Ireland class. Both of these classes really opened my eyes to the different culture and values that Ireland holds. In my Global Politics class I experienced what it was like to study politics from a different countries point of view. It was also very interesting to see the way the Irish and other countries view the United States. My Modern Music class introduced me to the music world outside of traditional Irish music.


Kerry Christine McCullough, Spring 2016 Participant
I absolutely loved being in a place that was clearly not home but at the same time was recognizable. I'd always wanted to go to Ireland, and this program was the perfect reason to have an extended stay. I loved being able to tell people I was a student at UCC and more than just a tourist. And even though everyone speaks English for the most part, the accents and slang make for interesting conversation nonetheless.


Autumn M McGovern, Spring 2016 Participant
I enjoyed meeting new people from all over the world. It expanded my views and my circle of friends.


Rachel H Miller, Spring 2016 Participant
My favorite part of this program were the people and laid back culture!


Marianne Elizabeth Michaels, Fall 2018 Participant
The size of Ireland as a country makes for easy travel, making it possible to see a large amount of the country in a short period of time. The people are very kind and fun to talk to. Cork, Ireland also has a nice airport that makes for easy travel to other countries as well, and there is a constant bus going to the Dublin airport as well.


Fall 2019 Participant
I loved the people that I was able to meet. I met other students from across the country and the world. The relationships I formed while studying abroad are an extra layer deep because I got to travel with the people that I was lucky enough to meet and room with. The opportunity to be immersed in Irish culture was also enhanced by joining a club that was very involved. They welcomed me with open arms and were excited to share their sport and way of life with me. It was such a unique experience I wouldn't take it back for anything!


Fall 2019 Participant
I loved the city of Cork. Vibrant, proud, and full of history, this town was the perfect place to learn about Irish culture. I found it a very welcoming place that was small enough to feel accessible and familiar yet big enough to find plenty to do. It's also fairly well-connected to the rest of Ireland via bus and train, so I had no problem getting out of town for day or weekend trips.


Spring 2020 Participant
My favorite part of this program was the classes that were offered. It was really intriguing and refreshing to be able to take classes to help me learn about my host culture and the history of the country. I also took a class that took us on a couple of field trips, so that was a unique experience. We got to go see places and monuments during those field trips that I otherwise would not have gotten to see because I did not know about them.


Spring 2020 Participant
My favorite part was getting to know local students. I took a physics class in which I was the only non-Irish student and it was a great experience! I definitely recommend taking at least one class that is not specifically for international students.


Fall 2016 Participant
I thought meeting other international students while abroad was rewarding. Not only are you going through the study abroad experience, but you can learn what it's like for student's with other worldly perspectives. I realized that in the US we form sort of a bubble, and UCC opened my eyes to so many other things out there.


Fall 2019 Participant
I think being able to travel within Ireland and learn more about the Irish culture enriched my overall experience. I was also able to take courses about Irish culture and history, so when I traveled within Ireland I was able to have a greater appreciation for the Irish culture.


Fall 2019 Participant
My academic experience at UCC was very memorable. I got to learn from professors who were very passionate and knowledgeable about their subjects. UCC offers many specialized courses on Irish studies, which I would never have been able to take anywhere else. It made my stay so much more meaningful to learn about the history of the places I was visiting or the meaning behind some peculiarities of the culture.


Spring 2020 Participant
The situations where I had to put myself out there and meet new people were the most rewarding. The program hosts a variety of events specifically for international students, so attending those was a great way to meet other people who were studying abroad in Cork. I met other Americans this way along with people from Germany, France, Australia, etc.


Fall 2016 Participant
The culture adjustment is a real thing, and it is okay to not be having the time of your life 24/7. The social media pictures make it seem that way, but it is difficult sometimes. Everyone goes through it, you are not weird or alone if you experience it.


Jorden Nicole Matney-McCorkle, Spring 2016 Participant
I would encourage future students to become involved in the different activities on campus as well as throughout the city. There are plenty of events that provide students the opportunity to expand their knowledge, learn about the culture, and develop some life long friendships. Don't be afraid to try something new.


Kerry Christine McCullough, Spring 2016 Participant
Following instructions makes everything go smoothly. It can be scary, but the schools on both side of the Atlantic will make sure you get settled and everything works out.


Autumn M McGovern, Spring 2016 Participant
There are many different ways to learn. Before I went to UCC I imagined every college experience would be vaguely the same. After arriving at the University College Cork, I realized that schooling is different and it can be difficult to adjust. Don't be afraid to ask your classmates questions and try to be flexible.


Spring 2016 Participant
UCC and KU have many similarities. The college is adaptable, though the classes (or "modules") are structured differently and the grading (or "marking") takes much longer.


Fall 2017 Participant
I think the most important thing I learned during my time abroad was how to be more independent. From having to navigate public transportation and overcoming language barriers, I gained confidence in my ability to "fend for myself."


Early Start Fall 2018 Participant
I learned that you will meet different people who have different values and ideals but you get to understand how the world is different. I think everyone should go into studying abroad with an open mind and to be willing to adjust to the cultures they are in. The cultures are so interesting and it is important everyone indulges in them.


Fall 2019 Participant
It rains in Ireland. A lot. Prepare to be wet but remember everyone is wet and they're still smiling. Join a unique club because you'll meet great people and maybe find a new interest. Also, go to the hole in the wall places that only have old men in them, the live music at those places starts later but is always the best. Use class as an excuse to talk to Irish students they probably won't know too much more about the prof. but the conversation won't stay on school for long. Finally, live it up! You're only there for 4 months take the opportunity to travel to the small fishing village or eat at that one fish and chips shop you saw. It may be the best thing you do!