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Japan : Reviews (Machida)

The following program review responses have been selected for publication by Study Abroad & Global Engagement
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Academic Year 2012 Participant
The Tokyo metro area was a great place to experience Japanese culture and use the Japanese language in context. Being in Japan is what gave me the push into fluency.


Spring 2013 Participant
The Classical Japanese Dance class (Spring semester) was exceptionally informative and entertaining. The teacher was very nice and eager to help students succeed in their efforts. We experienced a broad range of cultural arts.


Academic Year 2015 Participant
My favorite part of studying abroad in Japan was definitely living with my host family. It was nice having people to depend on right when I arrived in Japan who could help me sort out the red tape associated with bank accounts, immigration, train passes, etc. I also had three adorable host siblings who were always sweet and eager to learn, since I tried teaching them English from time to time. It was also nice to have a home-cooked meal everyday.


Summer 2014 Participant
The most beneficial part of this program was being able to interact with other Japanese students in the classroom. Bringing in Japanese students who volunteered to help out by being our "conversation partners" was the one thing that helped me improve my Japanese the most.


Academic Year 2015 Participant
I think the best thing you can do when you study abroad in a non-English speaking country is to be as open-minded as possible, and use the language as much as possible. I was really embarrassed to speak Japanese when I first arrived, but it's pointless to feel that way. Wherever you are in speaking ability, use the language as much as you can and you'll improve so fast.