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South Korea : Reviews (Seoul)

The following program review responses have been selected for publication by Study Abroad & Global Engagement
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Spring 2012 Participant
Living in Seoul was a blast. The Korean people are so welcoming to foreigners. I loved the cultural aspect of living in Seoul. The city is huge and full of tall skyscrapers but at the same time the people are so traditional.I loved the food and the karaoke part of Seoul the most. I also loved the social scene in Korea. There are several swanky clubs that are fun to go to as well as a ton of bars that you will frequent.


Hazara Leon, Academic Year 2015 Participant
My favorite part of this program was taking part in their exchange student program titled KUBA. Through KUBA I was able to make many friends from all around the world and take part in various cultural activities. It was honestly the best part of my exchange program.


Jason Bowen Rydalch, Fall 2016 Participant
I absolutely loved everything about this program. Being completely immersed in a new culture was life changing.


Melanie J Higdon, Spring 2016 Participant
My favorite part of the program was the people I met while abroad. Korea University has an exchange program called KUBA where you can meet and spend time with other exchange students and your Korean "buddies." This is an amazing way to make friends, explore the area, and experience the culture. Your KUBA group has weekly lunch meetings, dinner and drinking gatherings, and some sort of weekly activity on Saturdays. Everyone in KUBA could speak English, was extremely helpful and fun, and made my experience so much more memorable. I can confidently say that the friends I made there will be lifelong friends. Making close friends helps you to make Korea your home away from home.


Mandeep Kaur Ballagan, Fall 2017 Participant
My favorite part of the program was a student organization that was offered for every single exchange student to be a part of called KUBA. KUBA stands for Korea University Buddy Assistants and it is made up of over 100 Korean students and 800 exchange students. Every single exchange student is placed into one of the 8 groups and is partnered with one Korean student as their "buddy". This group meets for weekly lunches and dinners, and weekend activities. This group really helped me make friends, get involved in both campus and our city, and experience Korean culture.


Spring 2018 Participant
Seoul is an amazing city, and being right in the middle of it at Korea University made it great to be able to explore all I wanted! I didn't just have to study in my room; the cafes were more than plentiful!


Ruth A Taylor, Spring 2019 Participant
My favorite part of this program was meeting new people through the KUBA and Language Exchange programs at Korea University. I had such an amazing time going out to eat, going dancing, practicing Korean, and exploring different parts of Seoul with my Korean buddies. I have made so many incredible memories with people from not just Korea, but all around the world too.


Hazara Leon, Academic Year 2015 Participant
The city my program was located in allowed me to experience everything Korea had to offer. It was very culturally diverse and as a student there are many things to take part in. The university I attended also had a long history of traditions which made my college experience one of the best.


Jason Bowen Rydalch, Fall 2016 Participant
I found the cultural aspects most rewarding. Becoming familiar with new cultures and appreciating the differences was extremely rewarding in regards to my personal development.


Melanie J Higdon, Spring 2016 Participant
The exchange student program called KUBA at Korea University was my most rewarding experience while abroad. Making friendships with other exchange students and Korean students helps in feeling like your at home while abroad. Unfortunately, if you are trying to improve your Korean, your Korean KUBA buddies will not help much. But it is rewarding to know that you are helping them to practice their English. Making the lasting friendships that you do when you are abroad was the most rewarding aspect because I know that they will be lasting.


Academic Year 2017 Participant
Attending school in a different country widened my perspective of how people from other countries perceive the United States. Also, becoming familiar with new teaching and grading styles while difficult has given me the opportunity to improve my study skills.


Ruth A Taylor, Spring 2019 Participant
The most rewarding aspect of my program was the growth of my Korean language ability. By speaking with native Korean speakers daily, I was not only able to improve in my Korean speaking ability, but I also was able to gain confidence speaking in a foreign language. As an English speaking foreigner, it is very easy to want to use English in day-to-day interactions. However, I knew that by speaking in my target language as much as possible, I would gain important communication skills.


Spring 2021 Participant
Studying abroad in South Korea for an entire semester gave me more time to experience more of Korean culture. I was able to travel to more places, experience new things, as well as return to places I've been to before.


Hazara Leon, Academic Year 2015 Participant
That you should make sure there are enough classes offered in order to fulfill your course plan. Sometimes classes are dropped and I met many people who had no backup courses and were only left with 3 credits.
I would also say that if you plan to stay for a year staying at a share house/hostel is a good idea in order to save money. They offer free facilities and food and most are located very close to the university.
In addition, I would say it's best if you participate as much as you can. Since there are so many people in Korea and lots of things to do you won't find out unless you make many friends or are well informed.


Jason Bowen Rydalch, Fall 2016 Participant
It is very easy to get housing other than the dorms. I was under the impression that the dorms were the best and frankly only option. However this is false. There are several other housing options that offer better rooms and even have a better location than the dorms.


Sydney M Logan, Spring 2018 Participant
I think that it's important to take full advantage of the chance you've been given. Go into it with an open mind, experience everything you can, meet and make endless friendships, and just enjoy and take in a culture that is different than your own. It was one of the most eye-opening, enlightening experiences I've ever had.