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England : Reviews (Exeter)

The following program review responses have been selected for publication by Study Abroad & Global Engagement
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Sinclaire Ashley Erdwien, Spring 2012 Participant
Living with other students studying abroad allowed me to meet people from all over the world. Also, going on this program gave me the opportunity to travel around the U.K. but also around Europe.


Sarah Josephine Kwapiszeski, Spring 2013 Participant
Living with students from all over the world while studying in a country where we all were foreign was incredible. We all bonded and will be friends for life. We experienced the English culture together and also celebrated each other's cultures and customs. I wouldn't have had it any other way.


Fall 2014 Participant
The school is very strong academically, and the community is small enough that a student from KU (large state school) can get a completely different experience at a small university more similar to a liberal arts college.


Nico Storme Mendoza, Fall 2015 Participant
My most favorite thing was how independent this experience made me feel. I went somewhere completely on my own without knowing a single person where I was going. It was nerve wracking but eventually empowering. I really learned who I was without anybody else. My second favorite part was being able to travel across various countries within a number of hours, something completely foreign to living in the middle of America.


Erica Marie Gillmeister, Spring 2015 Participant
Exeter is the perfect town to get a real feel of England. I loved that it wasn't small, but not too touristy either so I feel that my experience was authentic. The University of Exeter is gorgeous and I thoroughly enjoyed all of the classes that I was in.


Tyler John Midiros, Fall 2016 Participant
My favorite part was getting out in the world and traveling all over Europe, it was really cool to see those places in person.


Spring 2020 Participant
I really enjoyed the University atmosphere in Exeter. The students were extremely welcoming and the professors were passionate about what they were doing. The school did an excellent job of connecting the study abroad students to each other which made it very easy to make friends and connections.


Quinn P Ried, Fall 2012 Participant
While acclimating to the completely different academic environment was a definite challenge, the experience ultimately proved rewarding by challenging my conceptions and appreciation of differing types of ideas and educational styles.


Nico Storme Mendoza, Fall 2015 Participant
Learning my potential and limits was very rewarding. I had to figure out problems on my own, traveling, and while managing course work.


Nico Storme Mendoza, Fall 2015 Participant
It teaches students how to be independent, trust their instincts, keep track of their money, challenge scary experiences and pass classes.


Tyler John Midiros, Fall 2016 Participant
Don't expect the university to help incorporate you into the full time students there. You're going to have to get out there and meet people on your own.