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England : Reviews (Norwich)

The following program review responses have been selected for publication by Study Abroad & Global Engagement
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Haley Lora Mead, Spring 2015 Participant
The University of East Anglia welcomed us study abroad students with open arms and were a big help as we got acclimated. I found the course structure to be a nice challenge and I loved the courses I took. I loved that UEA is a tight-knit campus and it's easy to become close with not only other students in your year, but your coursemates and professors as well. This was a very rewarding program and I could see myself attending the University of East Anglia for future degrees.


Megan R Schnepel, Spring 2015 Participant
My favorite part of this program was being able to meet new people from around the world. Since I lived in a flat on campus I was really able to immerse myself into British culture with my flatmates which is what made this experience so unique.


Anna Elizabeth Pebley, Academic Year 2016 Participant
Even though I studied abroad in England, I gained a whole new insight at how to approach people, see the world, and understand my place in it. I lived with several international students (England, Czech Republic, and Pakistan) and they opened my eyes to how others live and perceive things. You come to realize how small you truly are, how expansive the world is, and all life has to offer.

Traveling, of course, was amazing and an experience I would not change for the world. I met so many people and did so many things; I feel like I really lived and learned.


Anna Elizabeth Pebley, Academic Year 2016 Participant
I loved meeting new people and gaining cultural insights. I went to England to study Creative Writing and Film & Media, but I feel like I came home and learned more about the world than studies.


Anna Victoria Meyer, Fall 2017 Participant
There's something about being thrown into situations across the globe where you only have yourself to rely on that teaches you self-efficiency, self-confidence and patience. It's truly a 'diving in the deep end' kind of learning experience, but in it, it's so rewarding.


Spring 2015 Participant
I gained the independence to do things myself. If you can handle yourself in a foreign country, you can do anything.


Anna Elizabeth Pebley, Academic Year 2016 Participant
The English school system is very different the American, or at least that of KU, so please be aware of that. One or two exams/papers can total 100% of your grade.