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Germany : Reviews (Trier)

The following program review responses have been selected for publication by Study Abroad & Global Engagement
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Dela Marie Breyne, Spring 2012 Participant
My favorite part of my program was meeting new people and getting to experience places and things I never would have at home.


Spring 2014 Participant
The traveling was unbelievable. I traveled in many different styles; alone, new friends, old friends, to visit friends or family. Every trip was amazing, different and a huge learning lesson on people, languages, cultures, foods, and fun.


Spring 2014 Participant
The program as a whole is quite amazing. You are given the opportunity to grow as a student and as an individual. The program is set up so that you can meet people in the program as well as other international students in the university. There are tons of opportunities to make great work at school and tons of opportunities to travel on the weekends.


Elizabeth Ann Post, Spring 2014 Participant
My favorite part of the Trier program was meeting new people from such a diverse cultural background and language. Having little German knowledge, I had to make friends quickly in order to have additional support and assistance when making my way through my daily life. Because they were kind enough to help me find my way, we are certainly more than just acquaintances; we have truly kept a bond that nobody else could have experienced without that opportunity. This idea of stepping outside of my comfort zone is what truly is my favorite part of this experience. I would not have normally approached people like I had while studying abroad without that experience. Traveling to unknown parts of the country (as well as other countries), became easier, because I was able to approach people more. Since arriving back in the US, I have certainly maintained this mentality, and I feel quite appreciative having had this experience.


Dela Marie Breyne, Spring 2012 Participant
I found the challenge of being on my own exciting. It taught me to be more independent and to have faith in my ability to overcome any obstacle.


Bailey Katherine Wells, Spring 2013 Participant
Since we were able to choose our own projects, I was able to choose things that I knew I would enjoy working on. And because of that, I invested lots of time into my projects and I think that they will be portfolio worthy.


Spring 2014 Participant
The design classes produced some really amazing work. And I loved being totally immersed in culture different from my own.


Dela Marie Breyne, Spring 2012 Participant
I learned that it's important to branch out. It's much harder to assimilate when you only hang out with the other Americans on your trip. You learn a lot more and will have a much richer experience if you make the effort to get to know the locals.


Alexandra Ann Welch, Spring 2015 Participant
Studying abroad for a whole semester was one of the best decisions I have made in college, and I encourage you to do the same. Two months into the program I felt like I had just arrived and knew I didn't want to leave anytime soon - so I would encourage future students to choose a full semester program as well. I found that meeting people and truly getting to know them was one of my favorite parts of the experience and I don't think I could have done that in a shorter program.