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Sweden : Reviews (Uppsala)

The following program review responses have been selected for publication by Study Abroad & Global Engagement
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Spring 2017 Participant
I enjoyed having the opportunity to live abroad in such a nice country. Living in Sweden was a great experience and I would highly recommend it.


Sara J Trupiano, Spring 2017 Participant
My favorite part was that the Swedish school system was set up differently than the American school system, allowing ample amount of time to travel and experience different cultures. The Swedish school system takes classes one at a time, and usually less frequently than the American school system. I also enjoyed experiencing the Swedish nations and being apart of the Valborg celebration!


Fall 2017 Participant
One of the most rewarding things I found was having to re-learn everything you take for granted while at home. Doing simple things like grocery shopping, catching a bus, or ordering food can be intimidating at first but figuring out, even the simple things, feels like accomplishment and boosts your self esteem.


Spring 2017 Participant
While attending classes at Uppsala University was a great experience, I found that simply living in Sweden was the most rewarding experience. I enjoyed seeing a different approach to student life and meeting people from a variety of backgrounds and nationalities.


Sara J Trupiano, Spring 2017 Participant
I found the housing and living on my own to be most rewarding. The housing I choose in Uppsala was Flogsta, which means I had my own room and bathroom but shared a kitchen with 12 people. Because I lived on my own and had to cook all of my meals (and learned how to cook with Swedish labeled ingredients), I felt I grew a lot as a person and learned how to live independently.