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Announcements : Course Approvals for sites in Germany

Announcement: Course Approvals for sites in Germany

Information about what to submit for your Academic Plan and Approval Form for programs in Germany by the program deadlines.
Students applying for KU programs in Germany often are unable to get courses approved prior to the March 1 or October 1 deadlines, as partner institutions in Germany rarely post course offerings for the upcoming terms earlier than 1-2 months before the term start dates.

Students WILL be accepted to KU programs in Germany without their Academic Plan and Approval Form submitted.  However, the following course planning recommendations should be followed in lieu of the submission of this form:
  1. Students are encouraged to meet with their advisors and the other faculty advisors for the departments in which they plan to seek credit abroad in order to start conversations regarding potential course approvals they may be requesting via email from abroad.
  2. Students should also be prepared to be flexible in the courses they can take abroad, and should learn prior to departure what they MUST take abroad in order to stay on track with their academic plans at KU.