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Announcements : Enrollment at KU Info for Vienna

Announcement: Enrollment at KU Info for Vienna

Please read for information on how many credits to enroll in at KU.


You should plan on enrolling in the study abroad placeholder course for your program during your regular enrollment appointment scheduled in the Enroll & Pay system. In your OSA online account for the program, you should see a form called KU Study Abroad Enrollment in the Material Submissions section of your program account. Once you click on that form, it will direct you to detailed instructions on how to enroll in the placeholder course for the program.


Study abroad course enrollment in the Enroll & Pay system is slightly different than regular course enrollment (the classes are typically closed to any searches and only open for students accepted to the program). Additionally, the course you're enrolling in, "FRSPXXXX: Study Abroad Program", is unusual and hard to find, so please follow the instructions carefully on how to enroll and use the section number to find the right one. Pay special attention to how many hours of credit you should select, since the course has variable amounts available and the default value is 1 credit – so you will need to change it per the instructions on the form.

If you have no previous German language instruction and you're only just beginning German in Vienna, you will get 5 credits of GERM104 for the first month, 5 credits of GERM108 for the second month, and 3 credits of GERM212 for the third month (for a total of 13 KU credits).  However, the max number you can list on the FRSP placeholder is 12.  That 12 you initially enroll in will NOT change the amount we transfer back to your KU account post-program.  You WILL get the full 13 credits.

If you have previous language training and are not starting at GERM104 (beginning), please contact your Program Coordinator to ask how many credits you should plan to recieve and how many you should enroll in for the placeholder.


Please note, the FRSPXXXX course is a placeholder course that will be removed and replaced with the credit actually earned abroad once the KU Office of Study Abroad receives the transcript from the host institution after the program's conclusion.